PUUR is...

... explained in very few sentences!

We are two young and ambitious chefs with a high level professional education and experience (German: Küchenmeister) and we both do not only originally come from the region "Pfalz" (Palatinate), but we breath it right with heart and soul.

We are overly happy to have found the location in Weilerbach so we can realize our own gastronomic and culinary visions.

We are cooking what we love ourselves, and what we love to eat! Simply delicious and cutting edge, served in small platters.


In our pots and pans we love to combine exciting products, local produces ans seemingly simple ingredients all in best quality, simmering with a full load of expertise, and seasoned with all the love for cooking we inherently and genuinely bring along.

We want you to choose out of the full variety of dishes that changes several times per week, thusmaking it supposedly more difficult, however also more exciting to take that decision.

We do fish, all kinds of meat, vegetarian and vegan. Just let us know what you require!