Our dishes  vary several times a week to offer you the rotation that we even like.

fish- meat- vegetarian- vegan; with us, you have the choice.

Order just as many dishes you like, in order you prefer. We will do the rest- let´s convince you!

And than you should risk a look in our dessert menu, it is worth.

Because we of course do market- oriented shopping.

Stay tuned...

Simon and Denis!

À la Carte




Summer- salad

Champagne- tarragon- vinaigrette, radish, croûtons, comté

vegetarian11,50 €


PUUR!- signature- dish

Beef- tartare, avocado- coriander- salsa

15,50 €


Saffron tasted clear fish- soup

Shrimps, vegetables, wild- garlic- ricotta- ravioli

12,50 €





Homemade pasta

Boletuses- velouté, parmesan, wild mushrooms

vegetarian 23,50 €


Fillet of sea bream

Risotto with garden- herbs, colored tomatoes, saffron- sauce

32,50 €


Saltimbocca of chicken- breast

Mediterranean grilled vegetables, thyme- polenta, madeira- jus

27,50 €


Gratinated saddle of lamb, herb- crust

Spinach a là crème, mashed potatoes, summer- truffle

35,50 €



Fried scallop and shrimp

Marinated cucumber, serrano- chip, Alziari- oil


Creamy white tomato- ginger- soup

Thyme- croûtons


Sorbet of rose hip

Caramelized goat- cheese, lime- oil- malto


Beef- tenderloin

Glazed summer- vegetables, jackson potatoes

Portwine- jus


Marinated palatinate strawberries

Strawberry- foam, basil- shiso cress- sorbet


74,50 €

(3 course menu without appetizer and sorbet 49,50 €)






Marinated palatinate strawberries

Strawberry- foam, basil- sorbet

11,50 €


Valrhona- chocolate- tarte

Fresh wild berries, yoghurt- lemon- sorbet

11,50 €